Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daniel/Jackson Intersection Redesign Approved

On November 8, 2006, the Public Facilities Committee of the Board of Alderman approved plans submitted by Commmissioner Rooney to move the north curb line of the Jackson/Daniel Street intersection, pending navigation of the trial changes to the intersection by a Newton Fire Department ladder truck.

Next steps: Approval by the Finance Committee and then the full board.

The Daniel/Jackson Street Intersection page.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

So here's what comes to mind looking at the concept plan:

1) I'm concerned that the stop line and crosswalk aren't a bit further out into the intersection. This makes the crosswalk more in the path of traffic, imo, and leaves the intersection visibly larger. I also don't understand why Daniel appears to widen a but on the bottom, making the pedestrian crossing longer. It would be nice to see the crosswalk at 24' also (or less, as parking at the corner should be forbidden!)

2) it's hard to tell from the diagram if there were adjustments to the SW (upper-right) corner. From the trial, it would seem that reshaping is necessary, and why doesn't it expand to fill the Jackson side to a constant width and better define the 'T' geometry? Was this done to save construction costs? If so, is it ok?

3) Should there be 3 crosswalks? Perhaps not. (But if there is to be one, this is the right one)

4) We need a plan for trees and plantings. At least one of the large trees shown (to the left of 3 daniel) is gone. A tree just to the west of that location could help define the curve to downhill drivers without blocking visibility. Aside from the new plantings, many of the other trees in the plan are nearly dead, and it would be nice to replace them as part of the project. I had asked Marc Welch to avoid planing that area so we wouldn't have to dig them up later -- we should try collecting on a few of them now.

5) Should the shaded area be grassy or planted with groundcover or something else to discourage pedestrian traffic?

6) the catchbasin moving is probably a good thing, but it'll suck up a good chunk of the budget. I'm hoping we can get the city to pay for things they would have ordinarily done, like paving and sidewalk repair.

7) budget permitting -- and we have another $7k to use -- we should try for pavers on the crosswalk

8) there's a drainage problem next to 3 daniel under the sidewalk. Sidewalk repair is needed, and the problem should be addressed.