Thursday, December 7, 2006


There's a pending item (number to follow) to require more process in the identification of crosswalks in Newton. Aldercritter Samuelson and the Traffic Council would like to approve any proposed crosswalks before Commissioner Rooney and his gang stripe them.

It's a very interesting debate that gets at the very purpose of representative government. But, we'll hold the civics lesson for a later date. For now, a concrete proposal. (Pun, sorta intentional.)

Let's amend the ordinances to specify a maximum width (length?) of 20 feet for any new or rebuilt unsignaled crosswalk. Give the commissioner carte blanche to make such crosswalks and make the city better for pedestrians. If he wants an exception, he'll have to go through the process.

This doesn't directly address all of the arguments for Traffic Council review, but my bet is that the practical consequence would be all good.

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