Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winchester Street, III

We didn't have to wait until Spring to get the striping on Winchester and Beacon.

The roads are striped with pretty wide gutters. Very clearly, there is a narrower car-travel lane, which should have some effect on average speed.

Not clear how they accommodate bikers. Are bikers supposed to stay in the gutters? Are cars/trucks going to fight for space in the narrower travel lane?

Pictures to come.

I'll do some more research.

Also, pace the Newton Blog item on JCC parking, parking on Winchester appears to be legal. It's not legal in the now blocked-off entrances to the JCC from Winchester, presumably for fire access, but it's legal elsewhere. With the new stripes, the parking appears to be more legitimate, not less.

Updated: More on Winchester
No Bike Lane on Winchester

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