Sunday, January 21, 2007

For Shame, III

No parking here to corner ... except if you're dropping your kid off at Sunday School, apparently.

Righteous indignation diminished by the camera phone picture quality. (Click on the picture to see a larger version, on which the sign is reasonably legible.)

Updated: Ninety minutes later. Same corner, same crummy camera phone, different SUV.

Apparently, the exception applies to picking up your kids, too.

It isn't only SUV drivers that think they are above the law. On the other side of the same corner, this Camry Hybrid was flouting the same rule.

Those keen of eye will note the SUV behind the mailbox and wonder if that truck isn't parked -- thoughtlessly -- right at the apex of the corner.

It is! There's no sign posted on that side of the street, so I didn't take a picture. But, yes, you can't park on a corner, even if there are no signs.

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