Monday, January 8, 2007

From the gargantuan to the tiny (but not trivial)

We take a break from the monumental issues of Chestnut Hill Square to address 30 feet of sidewalk that is becoming increasingly impassable.

This hedge on Jackson Street near White Avenue reduces the effective width of the sidewalk by about half.

I have called the Department of Public Works, which is on the case.

Tomorrow, they'll take a picture of the problem and write the homeowners asking them to fix the problem.

If it isn't fixed within two weeks or so, they'll follow up, though it seems up to me to inform DPW that nothing has happened.


William Land said...

Any follow-up on this one?

It looks like another example a Newton homeowner neglecting to maintain their property!

Anonymous said...


PLEASE FOLLOW UP ON THIS, it has been a huge problem for years.
TONS of families walk their kids to/from Bowen School down this sidewalk.