Friday, February 9, 2007

Biking, Writing Grandmother

New NS&S buddy Molly Schaeffer has a terrific bike article in this week's Tab, on the monthly Environmental page. (Page 26 in the dead-tree version. Not online yet.)

Molly and her husband have committed to one car between them, so she's got little choice to bike to and from work and around Newton.

Molly's article discusses the health benefits of biking and the infrastructure needed to make biking more prevalent.

My favorite quote:

We drive everywhere and make many highly polluting short trips. Then we complain about the traffic.


Anonymous said...

On an only slighly related topic, bicyclists and walkers may be interested in a new bill Rep. Kay Khan filed. It will help get people who no longer can drive because of failing vision or other impairments off the road. For example, kids who are worried that grandma can no longer drive safely can call up grandma's doctor and the doctor can request a review of grandma's driving license. Not to pick on grandma, but we all know older drivers cause as many accidents as teenagers and it's currently harder to remove their driving rights. Below is a blurb on the bill:

HD 2107 Relative to Impaired Driving

This legislation will require physicians and health care providers to report patients who have been diagnosed with a cognitive or functional impairment that affects the person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. (This is a new bill.)

Charlie D. said...

Molly's article is now online: