Thursday, February 22, 2007

Leaving Snow on Sidewalks

Newton ordinances say you can't put the snow you remove from your walk or driveway and put it on the sidewalk. The relevant section in its entirety:

Sec. 26-9 Putting snow and ice upon streets, sidewalks and bridges

No person shall block, obstruct or otherwise hinder or impair pedestrian or vehicular traffic on the public ways of the city by placing snow or ice or permitting or causing snow or ice to be placed upon a street, sidewalk or bridge, except that snow or ice removed from a sidewalk may be piled in the adjoining gutter. This section shall not apply to municipal snow removal operations.
How does the section get enforced?

It's clearly violated all over the city. The picture above is from a sidewalk near me, taken today, a week after the storm and after some thaw. It's near the crosswalk across Parker Street to Daniel Street and it's a piece of sidewalk used by kids and parents on the way to Bowen School. (The picture's not great, but take my word that the lump of snow left is an impediment.)

I'll post a (more dramatic) picture later today of the enormous mound of snow that Whole Foods (or more accurately its snow removal contractor) has left on the sidewalk on Beacon Street.

These two are hardly the only violations of 26-9.

I've sent an e-mail to Jeremy Solomon asking for the number of infractions written for 26-9 violations. I've also started asking around City Hall about who's responsible for writing tickets. Inspectional Services says its not within their domain.

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