Friday, February 23, 2007

MBTA Alerts

Looking into the problem with the D-line this morning, I ran across the Service Alerts section of the MBTA site.

The link takes you to alerts for the D-line. The picture is the alerts section as it appears on the MBTA home page.

It looks like the Service Alerts section has good, up-to-date information.

But, why isn't there the ability to subscribe to alerts by e-mail? If I took the green line, why would I have any reason to check the site before I left.

And, why aren't the most recent alerts on the home page?

Update: There is a personalization feature on the MBTA site called MyMBTA, but all it does is create a links page for you.


Molly said...

Normally I bike from Chestnut Hill to Wellesley Gateway Office Park, with my "backup" plan being the D train.

Since last week's snow storm, the bike path/side walk on Rt 9 that crosses 128 has been unrideable due to snow and ice having been plowed off the street and onto the path.

I tried several other routes, all quite a bit longer and pretty dangerous due to the shoulders not being plowed,etc.

This a.m. I decided to take the T. The MBTA was doing their best to provide lots of buses.

The problem is that the buses now make my bike route Really Dangerous. There are MBTA buses barrelling down Centre Street. Lincoln Street (a narrow residential street leading to the Elliot T station) had 3 buses blocking the road-all trying to make 6 point turns since there was no room in the parking lot for them to turn around.

I don't know how long this problem is going to last - the MBTA official said the Centre St bridge was "condemned" and it wasn't safe for the T trains to run under it.

So my choices are:
a)risk my life riding in Rt 9 across the Rt 128 merges because the State hasn't plowed the path and now dodging speeding, parked and U-turning buses on the residential streets that I specifically chose to ride on because they had less traffic
b)spend 1 1/2 hours on the T/shuttle bus/walking each way to a "local job" 4 miles from my house

Newton sure isn't friendly to people who are trying to get around any way other than by car!!!

Brian said...

What I don't understand (and I emailed to the MBTA webmaster) is why the MBTA alerts aren't available via RSS. They have a nice new site and surely the technological know-how to do so.

Anonymous said...

Check out