Friday, April 20, 2007

Market-priced parking in the real world

Here's a nice, detailed explanation of how market-priced parking works in Redwood City, CA, with a long list of links at the bottom.

Key point, local businesses are big fans.

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Marc said...

What I think is the underlying idea here is that parking in village centers should be a public facility, shared by multiple businesses. At the Newton Highlands History Day presentation the idea was proposed that village center businesses should have parking in the rear, and while that might work in limited cases it doesn't get people to park and walk between various businesses (because of the inevitiable "PARKING FOR THIS STORE ONLY! YOU WILL BE TOWED!" signs). Perhaps commercial property owners could be encouraged to lease spaces back to the city for market-rate meters (e.g, how can I shop at Four Corners Whole Foods *and* Walgreens in one trip?).