Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Norwegian Bike Lift, the Movie

Where would you put one in Newton?

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Chuck Tanowitz said...

I'm not sure we have a location that is both a key artery and hilly enough to make this work. The only place I can think if would be near colleges, like Comm. Ave at BC. You could put it on Chestnut Street from West Newton Square up the hill, but I'm not sure it makes sense.

Newton has two problems for biking:

Traffic -- I'm going to get killed in most cases by biking. Some routes are great, some are just horror shows. Also, I work on the 128 belt, taking some of those roads on a bike is terrifying. Ever try to come up Totten Pond Road at rush hour? (though Prospect Hill could use a lift)

Weather -- You have to be truly committed to biking in order to put up with the snow and ice of the winter.

Hills aren't really one of them.