Friday, May 25, 2007

Unofficial Guide to Traffic Council

For some time, I have been meaning to put a page on the NS&S wiki with guidance about navigating Traffic Council (pun intended).

I have been spurred to action. A commenter on the curb extension post asked what can be done to solve problems on Mill Road. Start by reading my guide.

It's a rough start, which I will refine over time. I welcome any and all feedback.

Rhu/nmHz, this one's for you.


Adam said...

Great resource, Sean! I know Mill Street has been at this about as long as Daniel Street and I hope they achieve something as well. But I wonder if Rhu had something even bigger in mind -- something beyond traffic council. It's election time. How can we make traffic calming a campaign issue? It's time we mandate traffic calming in city projects. Speaking for myself, it's right up there with the schools in importance and for quality of life in Newton. Without it, motorists are ruining our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of those reckless drivers are also Newton voters...

Rhu/nmHz said...

Yes, Adam, that's what I meant? If this is "the Year of Traffic Calming in Newton" how can we, as concerned citizens, get the Tab and other media to not only cover this issue but keep it visible (i.e., front-page and letters-page every few weeks) so that the Aldermen and the Mayor will see it in their political interest to make progress?