Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conversation fodder

I IM'd with friend-of-NS&S Joe about my ride into Boston this morning. "Glorious" was the word that I used. What struck me was how frequently I have something I want to share about my bike commute: weather, a particularly good workout, something I saw, &c.

I can remember exactly two times in my life when I've felt like discussing my car commute when it was over (other than to bitch about the traffic). Once, on the 'Pike, I had a wondrous sunset in my rear-view mirror and a full-moon rising ahead. And, I once saw a car spin NASCAR-style spin across four lanes on 128 without hitting or getting hit.

But, that's it.

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Charlie D. said...

I totally agree. My commute takes me from Allston along the Charles to downtown Boston. The first words out of my mouth when I arrived at work today were "What a beautiful day!"