Thursday, May 17, 2007

Too close call

For the second time in four years, a car ends up on the sidewalk used by scores of students and parents as a route to Bowen School

Neighbor Adam has the details:

This crash occurred about 10 minutes after Bowen School dismissal this afternoon. My wife and kids had just walked by minutes earlier. The car came downhill from Jackson Street, just like the previous accident, except the car did not hit the "DRIVE SLOW CHILDREN" sign this time; the children were apparent. The driver was distracted and, I would guess, driving too fast. The planned improvement to this intersection, in addition to its calming effects, would have likely deflected the car much earlier and protected the sidewalk where the children walk from school. It can't happen soon enough.

Behind the stretcher are a few kids on their way home from school.

The driver was apparently unhurt. The passenger was taken away in the ambulance.

You can see the back of the "DRIVE SLOW CHILDREN" sign in the pictures above. The driver in the previous crash ran it over.

Fortunately, the Jackson/Daniel Street intersection is due to be reconstructed once school's out. The redesign should physically prevent drivers from carrying the kind of speed that results in crashes like this.

Like Adam said, can't happen soon enough.

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