Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Road Diet for Nonantum Road

Nonantum Road is going to be narrowed from four lanes to two, with wider shoulders and sidewalks. No mention of bike paths, but one might hope.

Some call this a road diet. Others call it a complete street.

We'll call it a good sign.

Tip of the bike helmet to state reps Peter Koutoujian (D-Waltham), Kay Khan (D-Newton), Ruth Balser (D-Newton), and Rachel Kaprielian (D-Watertown) for securing state money to fund improvements.


Charlie D. said...

The original proposal a few months ago only had 2 foot shoulders, not wide enough for bikes. I encourage you to rally as much support as you can for MINIMUM 4 foot shoulders, preferably 5, as to comfortably accommodate bicyclists on the roadway.

jwardell said...

It's already down to one lane eastbound, as the potholes now outnumber the squarefootage of pavement in between and it is next to impassable...especially at the 50mph of average traffic. This week, a lone cone appeared randomly in the center of that right lane, almost a joke.

With our luck, they'll put an island down the center lanes and preserve the right lane in its current state. Perhaps with a nice sign that says "Welcome to the most potholed road in boston."

I agree with the article's mention for a ped crossing..though something that does not impede traffic like a bridge or tunnel would be preferred.