Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zero-sum circulation

It's not politically wise to say it, but it may be that with traffic circulation and pedestrian circulation, what benefits one harms the other.

Los Angeles radio host Marc Porter Zasada (the Urban Man on KCRW) has a lovely essay in which he argues that enhanced vehicle circulation destroys neighborhoods and that poor vehicle circulation is a necessary condition of healthy, walkable neighborhoods.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see drivers waiting in growing frustration for left hand turns. In fact, I'd like to propose making this area much more difficult to navigate in an automobile.

Today, the Urban Man would like to formally propose narrowing Pico to one lane in each direction, then running a trolley right down the middle, from Downtown to the sea.

Just imagine the complications. In fact, such a move might improve not just my neighborhood, but encourage many happy affairs in what could someday be a great city for people instead of cars.
Something to consider as we try to improve the pedestrian experience in places like Newton Centre while maintaining traffic throughput.

From Streetsblog (of course).

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