Monday, June 18, 2007

The transit way of life

Here's a brief snippet of an e-mail from Alderman Vicki Danberg about kids and public transportation that I found refreshing and affecting:

I would like to add that I bought my house because I saw early on, when my kids were in cradles, that they could get almost anywhere by T and I would have to drive them almost nowhere. That was, in fact, the case. They even went to summer camp when they were 10 years old at Community Boating, at the Charles River stop, and returned home at the end of the day by T. They went to the movies and entertainment by T, went to work by T, and took their dates on the T. They were trained to be true subway rats (one lived in NYC for 6 years without a car and at age 27 lives in Southie without a car) and continue to have a great attitude toward public transportation as young adults.

We need to provide a way for people to be able to live happily and conveniently with less reliance on autos.
The quote came up in the context of a discussion about public transit in Newton Centre.

What a great attitude!

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