Friday, June 15, 2007

Langley Road bump out

Within weeks of a neighborhood request for a redesign of the crosswalk on Langley Road at Langley Path, there will be a public hearing on June 27 at 7:45 PM before the Public Facilities Committee and Traffic Council on a proposed bump out. The picture above shows how the curb line will be changed to narrow the roadway gradually from the Terraces' driveway to Langley Path. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

I know that the Ward 6 Aldermen and Commissioner Rooney and the Department of Public Works get credit. I have reason to believe that Alderman Samuelson and the Traffic Council may have been involved, too.

Taking 6 feet out of a crosswalk that is a school crossing is a great step. This will also better connect people to the assets on both sides of Langley Road, particularly the school playground and fields to the west and the conservation lands to the east.

And, there should be some modest traffic calming effect by the narrowing of the roadway.

The year of traffic calming, indeed!

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William Land said...

Perhaps you've covered this before:

Approaching Newton Center on Langley Road, there is a right turn shortcut to Beacon Street (with the gas station on the right).
There is a stop sign there, just as you merge on to Beacon St.
Drivers either yield or completely neglect this stop sign.
Your thoughts?

Adam said...

Two ideas, though I haven't given this much thought.

1) It looks like a merge, so people will behave that way, no matter what the sign says. If the goal is to make the driver stop, perhaps the road has to intersect at a different angle or the intersection itself should be made more narrow, like the width of a single car? It would also make that crossing much safer. It's no fun walking to the post office from Newton Center. That's a lot of pavement to cross.

2) Beacon Street is far too wide in that area also, so it feels like there's plenty of room to merge even with moving traffic. Perhaps Beacon Street could also be more narrow? Perhaps the space could be used for parking, or a bike lane?

Sean Roche said...

I second Adam's comments.

Part of the problem is the fact that there is a parking space between the gas station and the body shop/pizza store driveway. A car parked there blocks the view of cars exiting the gas station.

If I were to deal with this intersection, I would put in a hard turn at the bottom so that you enter Beacon at a right angle. This would cause people to stop before trying to merge with east-bound traffic flow.

This would, however, mess with me on my bicycle. Every morning, I treat this as a merge (so as not to lose valuable momentum).

William Land said...

Thanks for the responses and suggestions.
I think that a second stop sign should be put on the left hand side of the road.
I realize that drivers will continue to travel through both signs but perhaps it will help a few drivers slow down and actually stop!

Adam said...

Seems consistent with traffic rules -- it's a one way and they are paying more attention to their left! I think that's the most likely solution the city will take up, given the significantly lower cost. You should put in a call to engineering and see if they'll do it!