Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pedestrian bridge across Route 9

I've been skeptical of the value of a pedestrian bridge across Route 9 from the proposed Chestnut Hill Square project to the parking lot of the Mall at Chestnut Hill.

At various meetings, one Newton official involved with the Chestnut Hill Square planning has rather forcefully argued that, whatever one's feeling on the value of the pedestrian bridge, final approval of the project ought to include a requirement that accommodations be made for a bridge, even if it's not built right away.

It occurred to me that he's really right. If, as I expect, the owners of the Mall at Chestnut Hill decide to turn their property into a mixed-use project, it stands to reason that the big parking lot along Route 9 will get reconfigured. Whether it becomes shops, residences, or open space, it will be a lot more attractive destination than the existing parking lot. Which will address my (and others') major concern.

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