Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The big whoop

What's the big whoop driving more than 25 mph on a residential street?

If you hit a pedestrian:

  • At 20 mph 5% will die

  • At 30 mph 45% will die

  • At 40 mph 85% will die

Figures is from the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration (NHSTA) by way of the site Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® (KKAD25).

Another fun fact, most speeders on your street live in right in the neighborhood. I'm not sure KKAD25's basis for the assertion, but it sure accords with experience.

Thanks to NS&S collaborator Srdjan for the tip.

1 comment:

Rhu/nmHz said...

Are those signs actually legal to post in one's yard? Does the legality depend on whether the posted speed limit on one's street is 25mph or 30mph?

Because if they're legal (and I live right on a 25/30mph boundary) I would be so happy to organize the neighbors up and down the block to buy a batch of signs.