Thursday, August 9, 2007

Do you know what a crosswalk is?

Driving on Parker Street this morning, I stopped at a crosswalk just south of Route 9 for a woman and her dog.

Six cars passed after I had stopped for her. Her presence on the edge of the crosswalk should have been enough, but didn't any of the six drivers process the extra clue of my having stopped?

While I am rarely a fan of enforcement, I think that people in Newton might just not realize their state-mandated obligation. Perhaps a sting operation is in order.

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Othemts said...

Motorists are just over-entitled Massholes. You pretty much have to step in front of a moving car to get them to stop, and then they still might act like you've done something wrong. I will give Boston area drivers credit for being better than other parts of the country about stopping for crosswalks, but it's not good enough.