Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you love children?

Then read this.

Teen drivers kill 6,000 drivers every year and injure another 300,000.

That's not the way the article puts it:

Each year, nearly 6,000 American teenagers die in car accidents involving teenage drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; more than 300,000 are injured.

It's an unfortunate symptom of our car-default culture that this otherwise essential article uses weasel words instead of a plain statement of fact: our kids are killing each other at an alarming rate.

The factors that lead to this unacceptable teenage death toll are well-known and easily controlled:

  • Driving after dark

  • Driving with other kids in the car

  • Alcohol

  • Talking on the phone

  • Text messaging

Read the article. It filled me with despair that we don't have this epidemic under control, but hopeful that we can.

When teens kill teens, it's no accident.

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