Monday, March 24, 2008

We can do better than this

This is what ought to be the prime pedestrian crossing along Needham Street.

Marshall Plaza and Fresh City Wraps to the left. Starbucks, two restaurants, and more stores to the left.

Not to repeat what your eyes already tell you, but the crosswalk has been completely rubbed off and the pedestrian crossing sign is down (for the second time in less then a year). Click for the larger picture. The empty signpost is just to the left of the fire hydrant.

I know that DPW is stretched with winter business, but why isn't this a priority?


Anonymous said...

While I agree about the sign, the fact that the crosswalk needs more paint is nothing new for this time of year and is in line with other municipalities in the area. You cannot paint in the winter motnhs so most governments will start painting in mid-april when the weather and road conditions are better and paint straight through to October. I am sure Newton is the same way. Instead of just mentioning it on the blog have you contacted the DPW or Transportation Engineer about the missing sign?

susannah said...

here's another factoid. I was riding my bike past a huge line of traffic there last summer--an ambulance was on scene because an SUV (one of the REALLY tall ones) had hit a pedestrian. Was she in the X-walk or just close? don't know.