Saturday, April 12, 2008

Betcha didn't know ...

That Newton has "Share the Road" signs posted.

Not lots of those big, garish "Share the Road" signs like they have in Brookline and elsewhere. Rather just a couple discreet, tasteful, practically invisible little signs on Winchester Street.

(Picture on left taken looking south, just south of Needham Street. The one on the right taken looking north, just north of Nahanton Street.)

Can't quite make them out?

Before he decamped to the Patrick administration, former Commissioner of Public Works Bob Rooney said that the Winchester micro-signs were a mistake and that more eye-catching signs would be posted.

Memo to new DPW Commissioner Tom Daley: we'd love some of those big, honkin' ugly signs. Thanks.

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Adam Peller said...

If I'm not mistaken, black-on-white signs are regulatory, and therefore these signs go against Federal guidelines (stronger than guidelines, really). They should probably be yellow (advisory) which would be more eye-catching and more consistent with what I've seen elsewhere.