Sunday, April 13, 2008

Microsoft is evil

Microsoft has a service in the works called Clearflow, which is going to help drivers use side streets to avoid congestion on arteries.

Microsoft, bringing traffic to a quiet residential street near you!


Todd said...

Wow. That really is evil. Time to ask the police to enforce speed limits on the side streets. That should limit traffic a bit.

Adam Peller said...

This misses the point -- Microsoft may be evil, but you can't stop the laws of nature. Microsoft may only be accelerating the process, so to speak.

My grandfather, a plumber, taught me how one could use water flow to describe all sorts of mechanical systems. The analogy got me through E&M Physics in college. It also works particularly well for traffic engineering. People will figure out where a cut-through exists, and what word of mouth cannot accomplish, technology will.

We should use this socially-irresponsible "Clearflow" to bolster our requests for traffic calming, perhaps even street closures.