Friday, May 9, 2008

Bike Erranding 1

I'm not a bike commuter. I'm a potential bike commuter. Right now, I'm a bike errander. I'll be learning a lot from Sean this month, because come September, I intend to be bike commuting. (Why not sooner? I'll be abroad. If I can get good web connections, I'll post pictures of the Indian traffic mix in July.)

So while Sean gives advice for potential bike commuters, I'll give advice to potential bike erranders. (I don't know how many potential bike erranders read this blog, but serious bikers, read on, and perhaps you can use this gentle approach to convince neighbors to dust off their bikes for more than occasional leisure time activity.)

Why run errands on a bike?

o Way way Greener (short drives are 3 times more polluting, per mile, than long ones.)
o Cheaper. (short drives use up more gas per mile)
o No parking hassles.
o Cancel gym membership with a clear conscience.
o Be a neighborhood trend-setter (Bike errands are the new power-yoga!)
o Low commitment! (just a few miles, no special gear)
o Fun!

When you're pedaling to Newton Centre with the mail, or to the Newton Free Library with overdue books, you don't need a ton of gear. Helmet and lock, of course, but everything else can be a style accessory: a nice wicker basket, a sonorous bell, and wouldn't it be great if someone figured out how to attach a vase to the handlebars?

Watch out for more entries on:

o destinations
o freight options
o accessories
o where did I put the %&^* lock?

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