Friday, May 16, 2008

Newton Bike Day Convoy

This morning George Kirby, Chairman of the Newton Bike/Pedestrian Task Force, led a bike convoy from Newton City Hall to Boston City Hall down Walnut Street, over to Watertown Square, and along the south side of the Charles. That's George in yellow leading the group over a bridge on the DCR path along the Charles just west of Watertown Square. (Laundry Falls sound right?)

The convoy was Newton's participation in Bay State Bike Week's Bike Day festivities.

The morning's snack? Fig Newtons, of course.

The full album.

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atom bomb said...


Your pictures of the convoy are gorgeous! Mine came out all dark and funky. (I think I pressed the exposure + and - button a bunch of times while fiddling with the camera. That's what I get for trying to shoot while riding!) I hastily assembled some lo res video clips also.
All here:

You blog is excellent! I haven't probed the depths yet, but I will.

-Geoff Adams