Friday, June 20, 2008

Bike Rack at Highlands?

I wrote the following note to the Green Line supervisor, using the MBTA's Write to the top feature:

Steve Runge 5/19/2008 3:02 PM >>>
Dear Deborah,

I read in the Metro that the MBTA is installing bike racks all over the system.

I am hoping you can ensure that bike racks will be installed at Newton Highlands. Currently, there are none. There are always close to a dozen bikes locked at Highlands (often along railings that should be available for handicapped access... because there are no other options), and because there is no car parking provided at Highlands, ample bike parking could encourage a few people who park on local streets to use their bikes instead.

I also happened to notice that the old station building there has a "for lease" sign now. I am concerned that if the T doesn't provide bike racks, the business that occupies that building might prohibit bike parking, or make it difficult.

If you can install the racks under the eaves of the old station building (protecting bikes from weather), I would be very happy, indeed, and I would sing your praises on a blog (Newton Streets & Sidewalks).

Thanks for your time,

Steve Runge
Newton Resident,
Committee Member, Bike Newton,
Co-blogger, Newton Streets & Sidewalks

And Deborah Wong responded! (One month response time, to the day):

Dear Mr Runge,

Thank you for your comments and concerns. The bike racks will installed trough out the MBTA and also on the commuter rail. There will be a train with bike racks only for commuters who want to commute with there bikes.
I will forward your concerns to the assessment department to see if a bike rack can be implemented at Newton Highlands.

Best regards,
Margaret Fong
Supervisor, Subway Operations
Green Line

I'm not singing anyone's praises yet, but here's a baby step of progress. If other people also Write to the Top, we just might get a bike rack. (And I might have to learn to sing. Well, I could compose some doggerel, at any rate.)

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Anonymous said...

Has there been any progress on bike racks at this station?