Sunday, June 22, 2008

McDonald's Climate Contribution

As if the traffic on Needham Street isn't bad enough, McDonald's has sent this truck down the street as a rolling billboard.

The irony-o-meter is pegged on this one.

Apparently, McDonald's is a happy customer of Advend Mobile. The truck is empty. It's only purpose is to drive where the traffic — and, therefore, potential viewers — are. Here's a quote from one vendor:

Our ads rotate every 8 seconds delivering your message over 1,300 times each day on the highest traveled streets in six coverage areas in North, South, & Central San Diego County (emphasis mine)

Write to McDonald's and tell them to stop clogging up our streets. Tell them it's not consistent with their global commitment to environmental leadership.

More irony. I spotted this truck just after pulling into the McDonald's on Needham Street to have our annual end-of-the-school-year dinner. That'll be our last trip for a while.

If you get pictures of any mobile ad trucks on Newton streets, send them to and I'll post them.


Y said...

Looks like it worked!

Anonymous said...

I'm not writing to McDonald's
I'm grabbing a Bic Mac and Shake mmmm