Sunday, August 10, 2008

What people want

Imagine that each neighborhood could set its own speed limit. I'm guessing we'd see a lot more speed limits like the one at the Terraces, a private development on Langley Road. (Because it's a private development, they get to set their own speed limit.)

Instead we get speed limits — and roadway design — that cater to those driving through the neighborhood over those that live there.


nmHz / Rhu said...

Y'know what? I have no objection to the speed limit on my street. (25 mph to the right of my house, 30 mph to the left.)

What I do object to is that so few cars observe the speed limit, and there's no practical way for the police to enforce it.

And for the record, my street, Mill, is used as a shortcut by many.

Sean Roche said...

You raise the issue of design speed. As you point out, enforcement is not the way to lower speeds. Making it uncomfortable to drive above a certain speed is the way to lower speeds.