Friday, January 16, 2009

Bike Racks at Crystal Lake?

Who'd have thunk it? Planners are asking Bike Newton and BPTF for advice on bike racks for the Crystal Lake bathhouse re-design. I've got some ideas that I've sent on to Amy Yuhasz in the planning department.

Idea 1:
Revise the lovely chain-link bordered walkway so that it becomes a lovelier planting-bordered walkway and very long bike rack.

Idea 2:
Convert the gated and locked wasteland between the bath-house and MBTA D-line right-of-way to two long rows of bike racks.

Currently, the landscape designer has included parking for only 12 bikes. I don't know about you, but I've seen over 20 bikes there on most summer days, in spite of the ancient rack, which only fits about 8. I'd like to see a capacity of 40. Time for input! There's a public presentation at the library on Thursday, January 22 at 7:30 in the Druker Auditorium. I (Steve) can't be there because of (irony!) a Bike Newton meeting. I hope you, whoever you are, can go, and make it clear that 12 spaces for bikes (there will be 24 for cars) is woefully inadequate.


B-Bike-G said...

i cant make that meeting either, however as a frequent user of CS in the summer season, I would point out that there needs to be adequate room around the bike racks for trail-a-bike and Burley-type trailers.

Harry Sanders said...

The wasteland to the right of the bathouse abutting the trees makes the most sense. But the trees will need a trimming for safety concerns. An exterior security camera and better lighting would also help. BTW what provisions are planned for motorcycles, motorscooters, mopeds, and the forgotten modes of transport?

Bike Racks said...

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