Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Newton Corner

Tomorrow night, the latest study of Newton Corner and recommendations is on the Public Safety and Transportation agenda (PDF). The report is appended to the agenda. I have not read it yet. (It's long.)

Last year, I recommended transforming the oval from a racetrack to a proper, walkable mixed-use neighborhood by returning all one-way streets to two-way.

The inestimable Srdjan Nedeljkovic supports design concept 6, which features a new bridge directly connecting Centre and Galen Streets across the pike. Click on the image to see a larger version. It's an illustration from the report. The bridge looks promising, but still the key to getting the neighborhood under control is to restore a more neighborly two-lane flow, with modern roundabouts to manage the intersections.

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Steve Runge said...

At the very least, let's institute the relatively inexpensive & necessary fixes right away: better signage and road markings. There's no reason to hold off on cheap improvements to the existing mess just because there's a grand plan somewhere over the horizon.