Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Globe story on Lower Falls bridge/path

The Globe has a story on the Lower Falls rail bridge/path, which is very similar to the TAB's article of a few weeks ago:

  • There's a 1.1 mile bike path in the works
  • It's causing great divisiveness in the neighborhood
  • Proponents think it will connect the neighborhood
  • Opponents think it will divide the neighborhood

And, by the way, there's an old train bridge to be turned into a pedestrian bridge.

Two nuggets from a bridge/path opponent:
  • State Rep. Kay Khan supports the trail because she wants to increase her property value (she's an abutter)
  • The path will be a "major thoroughfare"

The first point is an odd argument, and a telling concession. Until now, opponents have been arguing that it would make abutters' properties less valuable.

The second point is not really new, but it continues to be odd to think of a bicycle/pedestrian path -- which is too short to be a destination recreation rail trail and is kind of long to be heavily used by Wellesley commuters walking to Riverside -- as a "major thoroughfare." It would be interesting to know the number of users that the opponents anticipate.

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