Monday, May 11, 2009

The Upper Lower Falls divide

One of the opponents of the bridge conversion and rail trail in Upper Lower Falls has been making the argument that the rail trail would divide the neighborhood, just like 128 divided the neighborhood.

Physically, the rail trail already divides the neighborhood. The proposal is to make it more rather than less passable. Presumably the backyard fences to be erected to maintain privacy would be the dividers, but are there current neighbor-to-neighbor connections being made across the path that will be shut off by fences?

It's just hard to imagine how a walking path can be compared to a major highway for its disruptive effect on a neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

are you talking about Upper Falls or Lower Falls?

Anonymous said...

The path has 'divided" a once close knit neighborhood into the transportation corridor supporters and the abutters and supporters of the abutters of the transportation corridor. Sad to see.

Years ago when the abutters of Hamilton Field (in Lower Falls), were vocal against fencing in and putting signage on the centerfield fences at the baseball fields, the Lower Falls community supported these abutters objections...Now several years later in a similar situation, where abutters have objected to a 'change' in their quality of life, Kay Khan, our famously unfamous state representative has created a divide in the neighborhood. Just disapointing to see, as Lower Falls used to be a tight knit community.