Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Concert bus

It's (sorta) understandable why places like the concert facility formerly known as Great Woods and Gillette Stadium are out in the boonies. Even still, the overwhelming it isn't totally explicable why nearly every last person comes by car. Whenever you get tens of thousands of people in the same place, there's bound to be a heavy overlap of routes traveled. (Though, to be fair, there are probably fewer single-occupancy vehicles off to see the Patriots or a concert than in any other situation. Tailgates = car pools.)

So, it is great to see a service like the Rockbus operating. They've harnassed the web to efficiently fill a long-standing need. This also helps fill a gap for the growing number of young people who get by with no car or Zip Car.

Updated. Here's a link to Rockbus. You'd think by now that boston.com would have standard policy to include relevant links, especially in a story that notes the importance of the Internet to the company's success.

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