Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One rail bed to another

The design process for the park around the Lower Falls pedestrian bridge is about to kickoff just as New York's High Line Park opens. While they are obviously much different projects, the High Line Park offers a lot of thought-provoking design concepts that might inform the decisions in Newton and Wellesley. Like the way the linear park reads as a destination and not a path from one point to another. And, like the way the old rail bed is incorporated into the design. My favorite is the chaises on rollers that run on the tracks, above.

Check out the full gallery at Inhabitat. It's just plain gorgeous.


nmHz / Rhu said...

Say what you will about Mayor Bloomberg (and who doesn't) but the man thinks big. The High Line looks great; the conversion of stretches of B'way into pedestrian zones is wildly popular.

Meanwhile, we're debating whether Ruth, Ken, Setti, or Paul will be the most effective administrator? I want to be wowed by someone with a vision for Newton that is both transformative and achievable.

Kay said...

I love the chaises on rollers - imagine the fun kids would have bumping into each other!! It would certainly stimulate an interest in the rail/trail and bridge!