Monday, September 14, 2009

Woman dies in Coolidge Corner accident

I was just thinking this morning how nice it is that so many riders have been out recently, and how many more women there appear to be. Then I read that a young woman has died after an accident on Longwood Avenue in Brookline.

Police aren't sure what happened. If you were in the vicinity of 30 Longwood Ave. in Brookline at 7:20 PM on Wednesday and have any information. Give Brookline PD a call at 617-730-2222.


From Universal Hub.


MamaVee said...

this is horrible horrible news.

Anonymous said...

And it is very likely that more people will die, within the next several months, if construction ensues, despite massive neighborhood opposition, on the "traffic-calming" project being relentlessly pushed by a vanishingly small number of advocates near the intersection of Jackson and Daniel Streets in the "Thompsonville" section of Newton. My heart goes out to her, and also to the certain future victims of the "Funnel of Death" project that a relentless claque is apparently trying to jam through City Hall.