Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trees in Newton Centre Parking Lot?

A thought on a slightly dated Newton Tab blog on tree planting in Newton:

How about some trees in the Newton Centre triangle parking lot? Crowns in parking lots provide shading, amelioration of heat island effect, carbon sequestration and air cleansing right where the air is dirtiest from tailpipes, while taking up very little ground area, or requiring removal of Newton’s sacred parking spots (Gertrude Stein's comment about Oakland, Ca: "there is no there, there", rings true of the heart of Newton Centre - a bleak wasteland of pavement. A testament to our values in Newton.)

Actually, there was a pilot tree planting there this summer - but we need to get the trees out of pots and into the ground where they can thrive.

Here is a shameless sales pitch: I am involved in National Science Foundation sponsored research that quantifies vegetation impacts on the carbon footprint of greater Boston, with one special focus on impacts of replacing pavement with trees. Anyone interested in hearing more about what could be done in Newton can contact me at or check out

Also see the great commentary on trees in Newton at Lasell College:

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