Thursday, December 3, 2009

Driving like Grandma

Driving at or just below the speed limit (30 MPH) on Parker from Roosevelt to Newton Centre (over Boylston/Rte. 9) this evening, the car behind me sat right on my bumper. At a red light at Beacon, I invited the driver to roll down his window and I explained (nicely, I think) that tailgating wasn't going to make me drive any faster. He yelled at me that I drive like his grandmother and should stay off the road if I am going to drive 20 MPH. (Pointing out to him that I had been driving at the speed limit didn't seem to affect his mood or argument.)

The light turned green. He roared off. I got to read his license plate.


I bet!


Devan said...

Errr.. just noticed your companion wiki has been spammed beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

Oilguy was right. God bless Oilguy.

Anonymous said...

You go, Oil Guy!!!!!!!