Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After the sting

Apparently, the ouch has already gone out of the May 4 crosswalk sting. Riding east on Beacon St. yesterday, just before 9:00 AM, there were pedestrians in the crosswalk at Lawrence Ave. (one of the sting locations), and the crosswalks east and west. (There are three in close proximity, which makes sense given that it's a busy college campus.) And, in each case, at least five cars drove through the crosswalk. No cars stopped; in all three cases the pedestrians waited for a gap in the traffic.

It's not that common that I'll see pedestrians in all three crosswalks at one time. But, it's absolutely par for the course to see motorist non-compliance.

Just goes to show that enforcement has limited, if any, effect changing motorist behavior. Maybe a sustained, concentrated effort on the particular problem of driving through crosswalks could make a difference. But, one-shot deals aren't going to do it.

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