Thursday, June 3, 2010

Biker Boy and On Biking Man has a great new feature -- On Biking -- with columns from a Brookline bicyclist and psychologist Jonathan Simmons. His most recent entry is a nifty feature on Biking Boy, an early-childhood educator who dresses up as a super hero to promote helmet use.

In college, Zach, a certified early education teacher, commuted to his job at a pre-school. “I began telling stories to the kids about superheroes. That’s when I made up this character, Biker Boy, whose bike has magical powers that tells him if someone's in trouble. The kids loved it. They thought it was real and that I was Biker Boy, even though I told them I wasn't.”

Simmons is doing a great job capturing the human element of the widly diverse biking community with warmth and humor. A previous column profiled the slow-riding devotees behind the recent Somerville Tweed ride.

One problem. There's no On Biking page. You have to catch the columns when they get featured on a navigation element. Too bad.

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