Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Less spandex = safer riding?

The Globe discovers a trend: folks are beginning to wear regular duds on bikes. More accurately, folks who aren't interested in wearing spandex are beginning to ride their bikes for transportation. It's a terrific look at people who are incorporating bicycling into their lives, on their own terms.

While the focus is on fashion, what struck me was the consequence for biking behavior. The clothes make the rider. People who want to ride in regular clothes have different goals and limitations than the spandex-clad. They ride at a different pace.

So, welcome ye riders in skirts and slacks! (NS&S also endorses spandex, particularly padded bike shorts, for those who ride longer distances and for exercise.)

On another note: how is in 2010 that an online article mentions a blog and doesn't link to it? Here are the links for Chic Cyclist, a terrific local blog, Cycle Chic, and Velo Vogue. And, one should always link to Mass Bike when quoting Friend of NS&S David Watson.

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