Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roundabouts in Newton IV -- Beacon and Hammond Pond Parkway

Just a few blocks up from candidate III is one suggested by Nathan in a comment: Beacon and Hammond Pond Parkway. A great candidate. There's just no need for a light. Right-turning traffic is already channelized on the relevant three legs. (There's no right turn allowed onto the one-way Hobart St.) There's plenty of space for a roundabout.

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It's not a very efficient intersection. Beacon St. traffic is often stopped much longer than is necessary to allow for traffic coming from Hammond Pond Pkwy or Hobart St. A roundabout would promote much better traffic flow, particularly through Beacon St. traffic.

Oddly, it's not the worst intersection for cyclists or pedestrians. Eastbound, it can get a little tricky with cars heading right on Hammond Pond Pkwy sometimes cutting it a little close to get around. Westbound, it's really not bad because there's no traffic going northbound. Pedestrian traffic tends to be on the northside, where there is the least traffic and there are a few pedestrian refuges.


Nathan Phillips said...

Actually my comment was about the top of the hill, at Beacon and Hammond St., where the new bike lane will terminate. But these other two look great too.

Nathan Phillips said...

The bike accident at grant and beacon 5/27 would not have happened had there been a roundabout.