Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two more bicyclists hit in Newton

The TAB's Dan Atkinson reports the frightening story of a biker hit, then trapped under a car on Comm. Ave., near the Marriott. The same day, a biker and car collided at the intersection of Beacon St. and Grant Ave.

The opening sentence suggests that the bikers were responsible for both incidents: "Two bicyclists collided with cars in separate incidents on May 27[.]" But, the account of the Comm. Ave. incident makes it clear that the driver just swerved into the biker.


nmHz / Rhu said...

Unfortunately, there was another one on Sunday. We drove by the aftermath on Walnut St. where it goes over the T tracks at Newton Highlands. Haven't seen any followup yet, so I don't know any more details.

Nathan Phillips said...

nmHz - are you sure it involved a cyclist? The police report says "Ped".