Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ding, dong, the Atrium is dead

Wondering about the future of the Atrium, Tiffany's has been the piece that didn't fit. Given the overwhelming decline of the Atrium, why had Tiffany's stayed? With Tiffany's, could mall-owner Simon still make a go at high-end retail? Given competitor Chestnut Hill Square coming online soon, could the Atrium attract high-quality retail tenants (or retain the two that are left) without it's marquee tenant?

At least one question answered: Tiffany's is moving across the street to the Mall. (Apparently, it's been public since April. I just saw it here.)

Gotta believe that that's it for the Atrium.


Adam Gaffin said...

They could turn it into a giant seafood restaurant!

Mark said...

I heard from someone in the medical profession that it is being converted into a medical office building. Cheesecake Factory will stay.

Anonymous said...

Paid daily underground parking garage with a shuttle bus to the Longwood Medical Area?? It's going to have a lot more underground parking than a medical office building would need. Could be the first good thing to happen to Route 9 traffic in years??

Adam said...

Well, right now, there's effectively free underground parking with a shuttle bus to Longwood, though few people know it (and technically, the shuttle is for employees only between the Atrium and 850)