Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Striping on Winchester and Beacon


I drove the lengths of Beacon and Winchester yesterday. The striping made me giddy. The section of Beacon east of Boston College before the Hammond Pond Parkway intersection has always been a problem for bikers. It was not clear if there are two traffic lanes or one. No question now.

There are sections of the west end of Beacon where the gutter -- if that's the right word -- is almost as wide as the lane itself.

There are some open questions:

  • Where exactly are bikers supposed to go? Where the gutter is wide, to the right of the stripe makes sense. But, the gutter is not uniformally wide. Maybe some signs would help.
  • Is parking allowed or encouraged near the JCC on Winchester? The stripes create what looks like a nice parking zone. What's the relationship between parking and bikers?
  • Are motorists going to obey the striping? Maybe some signs would help.
  • Why no striping on Beacon between Angier to the west and Waverly to the east? That's a route of regular bike traffic. Some clarification would be helpful.
Some of the gutters are so wide, it seems that the city should reclaim some of the pavement and make it grass, trees, and sidewalk. Clearly, that would have to be done as part of some sort of reconstruction. Shame that the west end of Beacon was repaved as wide as it is in some spots.

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