Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unforeseen Striping Consequence

I regularly drive Beacon from Centre to Washington and it appears to me that there are a lot more cars parked on the newly paved and striped parts of Beacon west of Angier School.

Have the stripes made motorists feel its safer to park?

If so, it wouldn't be good news for bikers. More parked cars in the "gutter" (is there a more accurate term?) mean fewer opportunities for bikers to ride out of traffic.

To be sure, I don't think this is an intended outcome. Everyone involved with the striping was looking to make things safer for bikers.

But, if the increase is attributable to the striping, it makes it even more important to follow up the striping with signs or on-street markings to make clear:

  • Motor vehicles are not permitted to travel to the right of the white lines
  • Bicyles are permitted to ride on either side of the white line
It's a tricky balance. How do you communicate to motorists that bicyclists have right to more pavement and not create ill-will?

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