Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Better Boston Bike journalism

It's not online, but this week's WeeklyDig (available on street corners all over Boston) has a special bike section called Spoke-tacular.

The centerpiece of the Spoke-tacular is a set of profiles of five local riders: a courier, a chopper fabricator, a BMX guru, a racer, and a pizza delivery guy. The short pieces capture the many joys that riding offers.

As someone who rides to eat, I especially liked the piece on Brazilian Jose Carlos Silva, who delivers pizzas for the Upper Crust:

Biking does let Silva save on gas, but he has to eat constantly to fule his rides up and down Beacon Hill."I don't need the gas, but the food!" he exclaims. "I pay for the food."
WeeklyDig's Spoke-tacular is a nice tonic to the crummy Bicycle Bible in the Boston Phoenix a few months ago.

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