Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two friends on bike paths

No, not two friends physically on a bike path, but two friends of NS&S speaking about separated bike lanes in a Seattle Times column. What are the odds?

Anne Lusk has been working with a group of us trying to plan some bike lanes in and around the Chestnut Hill shopping district.

Old friend Aaron Naparstek is the editor of Streetsblog, the inspiration for NS&S and an invaluable resource for anyone who cares about the health of our streets.

So, what about separated bike lanes? Anne and Aaron make the case in the column. If we don't have some, we're not going to have anywhere for our B (basic) and C (children) riders. The only bikers will be the A (advanced), who are willing to mix it up in traffic.

Update: Aaron notes that Clarence Eckerson deserves credit for the film cited in the column. Clarence's excellent work can be seen at streetfilms.org.
Here's the physically separated bike lanes video:

Here's my favorite, a unique take on intersection repair:

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Clarence said...

Thanks! Those videos are among our most popular and we get a good healthy wide variety of reactions.

andreae said...

Hey Sean--you should check out


which details bike hazards (you can post your own) in our area.

Also--your interests intersect somewhat with the brighton centered blog


which is where I found this link. Michael Pahre, who runs the blog, is doing a lot of homework--streets are just one of his interests, BC is another (and newton should take note--BC will expand and the plan is due out soon)



Chuck Tanowitz said...

One local road that needs separated bike lanes is Totten Pond Road in Waltham. This has become a major commuting route for both cars and bikes, but the wide shoulder that cyclists use at the residential end disappears entirely as they approach the commercial end. I've done the ride, it's terrifying. Also, my son is in daycare in the area and I won't ride with him up that street, so on days that would make great rides we're driving regardless.