Monday, August 20, 2007

Before this week's TAB comes out ...

A few comments on things from last week's TAB.

Five of the letters to the editors touched on traffic or transportation.

Responding to Jim Feldman's op-ed about bike accommodations in Newton (or the lack thereof), Leonard Wolfe wrote a letter chastising bicycle riders for their smugness and their lack of attention to pedestrians (last letter on the page). Mr. Wolfe has been hit by bikers twice and nearly hit another two times ... in the last year! There's no excuse for that. Bikers have to yield to pedestrians and be on the lookout for them. In a sense, bikers need to protect pedestrians.

It's really a shame that pedestrians view bikers with such hostility. Pedestrians and bikers should be natural allies. Bikers need to rehabilitate their image.

Mark Lichtenstein asked if Langley is ever going to be repaved (fourth letter on the page). Answer: Yes. In September.

Cara Lichtenstein uses the occasion of Alderman Mitch Fischman's op-ed on Needham Street to urge support for Senate bill 2029 and House bill 3694, which would relieve the MBTA of much of its debt (third letter on the page).

I have a letter about the Comprehensive Plan (first letter) and Barry Bergman has a follow-up to Adam Peller's letter from the week before (which was a response to Mr. Bergman's letter about my stop sign op-ed).

Those are a lot of traffic-related letters.

And, Chrissie Long has a long article about the Woodland Road speed tables. The article ends with a quotation from an admitted speeder who wishes more were done to educate Lasell College students to wear brighter clothing.

The guy has lived in the neighborhood for 21 years, knows that Lasell College kids cross the street—in dark clothing, and yet he still drives "maybe a little too fast down that road."

Is there any better explanation for why we need to lower roadway design speeds?

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Ari Ofsevit said...


I am the admitted speeder on Woodland Road. The speed limit is 30, I barely/rarely exceed it, but I feel like I am speeding because it should be 25. I walk and bike on Woodland often and am scared myself by the traffic speeds. But, I have had dozens of times (literally) when I have almost hit students walking three abreast down the side of the street instead of on the sidewalk. Drive Woodland at night and you'll encounter this problem.

PS - liked the article in the Globe today. And do you know who I might contact at the City about the fact that they have repaved 3/4 of the Carriage Road but left the rest in pretty horrid shape?