Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Needham Street (area) thoughts

Is there any reason for the enormous crossing at Curtis and Winchester? I have (inelegantly) added lines to represent the curb lines in the picture above.

In addition to a roundabout at Christina and Needham, why not a roundabout at Winchester and Needham, too? Plenty of space. A roundabout could improve traffic flow through the intersection.

It looks like the Skipjacks renovation includes removing the parking spaces from in front of the restaurant and adding a little greenery instead. The lot between Skipjacks and International Bike now looks plenty big enough to house the very complementary parking needs of IBC and Skipjacks. Maybe IBC could be persuaded to share the lot, green up its front lot, and get rid of some curb cuts.

In fact, they could both use the eastern Avalon curb cut and have customers enter the parking lots from the back side.

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